102 Water level meter with coaxial cable

102 Water level meter with coaxial cable

The Model 102 probe is designed to measure water levels in piezometers and tubes with small diameters or where there is a need for a flexible cable that allows the probe to advance on one side of pumps installed in wells.



The Model 102 can be supplied with one of two small diameter probes connected to a narrow diameter coaxial cable which is mounted on a sturdy reel.

Model 102 probes have weights and are segmented for flexibility. The tips are specially designed to decrease false signals in cascading water wells.

P4 probe: 4 mm x 38 mm in stainless steel, 10g. Ideal for small diameters such as those of the CMT Multilevel system.

P10 probe: 10 mm x 70 mm. in stainless steel with 10 stainless steel weight (174grs). Ideal for reaching greater depths.

Long life

  • Rugged, corrosion resistant components.
  • Flexible and easy to splice cable to change / replace probe.
  • Availability of parts and replacement parts.


  • Markings in mm
  • Verification to national standards
  • Coaxial Probe 102 Mini
  • The Mini meter is offered in a single length of 25m. It can be supplied with P4 or P10 probes.

Available Lengths

  • Model 102 Water Level is offered with the following reels and cable lengths:

Mini reel 25 m*

Small reel: 30m*, 60m*, 100m*

* P4 sensor cables only available in these lengths.


Carrying case: the mini and small padded nylon case are an extra option. The briefcases have a strap, a zip pocket and a zip lid. They have a washer inside to prevent moisture accumulation. The mini briefcase has no pocket. Spare parts: replacement sensors, sensor cables and other spare parts are available.

Tape Guide

The tape guide can be used to prevent damage to the cable with the edge of the wells, helps keep the probe straight into the well and ensures consistency in measurements as well as allowing the reel to rest against the edge of the well. A tape guide is supplied with each standard kit


When the probe comes into contact with water, the circuit is completed, sending a signal to the reel that activates visual and audible alarms. The water level is determined by taking a reading directly on the cable at the top of the edge of the well or auger pipe.

The sensitivity control allows the audible alarm volume to be reduced or turned off when water is cascading and ensures a high or low signal in low conductivity conditions.

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