Our technical support team advise and guide the client in choosing the best equipment for each project. In addition, we offer the service of assessment, calibration and maintenance of all the brands represented.

Our clients are always informed throughout the process. For those customers who need to rent environmental equipment as a regular or emergency option, we have a wide range available as well as the necessary accessories and consumables.

Customer service

We offer telephone assistance to help before, during or after the use of our equipment.

Our maintenance technicians provide comissioning and maintenance solutions on site.

Calibrations and certifications

We manage and supervise calibrations in external laboratories that require ENAC certification.

We advise in an agile way on the best performance of the calibrations to comply with the regulations.


Calibration and provision of canister gas bottles for equipment calibration.

  • Wide variety of gas mixtures for calibration.
  • No need for minimum bottles.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • Certificates under request.

Performance evaluations

Envirotecnics maintenance technicians evaluate the equipment operation and performance to ensure:

  • The least downtime.
  • The replacement of certain parts based on differentiated diagnoses.


On-site training

Whether you need to familiarize yourself with basic equipment or require advanced training, we have the right resources to provide tailor-made solutions. Our training provides a solid understanding of how to best work with the required equipment and its maintenance.

  • Technicians with experience in the use of the equipment.
  • Personnel who can perform routine maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

Our technical service offers periodic preventive maintenance for internal rental equipment as well as external equipment.

This process includes the necessary steps to ensure accurate and reliable operation:

  • Inspection and cleaning.
  • Checks and adjustments.
  • Equipment status documentation.
  • Recommendations for improvement.


  • Extends the life of the equipment in the best conditions possible.
  • Reliable operation.

In-house repairs

Our repair centre offer

  • Quick response times.
  • Replacement of original spare-parts in our own workshop.

Official service

As an Official Service of different brands represented, whenever possible, we repair in-house, a fact that saves on transport costs and shortens the delivery times of the equipment.


Ter River project

Technological advances and operational and legal requirements have favoured the exponential growth of the use of the Internet of Things (IoT), its use has increasingly spread in many companies, both at an industrial and environmental level.

Our goal for the Sensoring area is the application of the latest and best technology that each project requires, ensuring the maximum reliability of the data.


The know-how of our team specialized in IoT technology allows us to find and apply the best sensoring system for each project.

This flexibility allows us to offer both PLC systems for communication and control, as well as battery-powered microcontroller boards or dataloggers.

Our experience with sensoring projects offers:

  • Reliable solutions.
  • Quality in the capture of the required data. Ease of viewing, retrieving and managing them.
  • Make the project profitable to the maximum, reducing trips to the field.

To overcome the challenges that are presented to us in the coming years to mitigate or correct the damage to the environment, the IoT will increasingly play a fundamental role.

Some examples:

  • Control of Conductivity, PH, Redox, DO, Turbidity ... in water.
  • Air quality control.
  • Noise control.
  • Control of contaminated spills.
  • Detection of level, pressure, interface, etc.
  • Flow measurement.
  • Moisture in the soil.
  • Flood alert.
  • Farming.