Soundness of the solutions provided

Each sector has its particularities beyond the technical issues of the treatment to be applied. At Envirotecnics we are very aware of these sectorial characteristics and during the more than 15 years of work we have acquired experience in a wide range of sectors.

Oil & Gas industry

A large part of our projects and services are related to this industrial sector with its diversity of facilities. Envirotecnics has supplied numerous treatment units (TU) to Service Stations and Hydrocarbon Distribution Centers, equipped with different treatment systems depending on the specific requirements of each site.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry

For companies in this sector we offer solutions for the treatment of their wastewater. In many cases, the efficiency of the existing wastewater treatment can be increased, treating partial flows in a specific way prior to their mixing with all the discharges. This type of action allows meeting new legal requirements without significant changes in existing facilities. Other areas in which Envirotecnics provides efficient solutions for this sector are air treatment and decontamination of soils and groundwater.


It is very common during the excavations to experience unforeseen problems with polluted groundwater. Envirotecnics not only offers different technologies to solve these problems, but also is qualified to immediately supply the equipment and the commissioning service. Depending on the specific requirements of each case, we can supply the equipment or system pre-assembled in containers or in the form of a set of individual such as decanters, bilge pumps, hydrocarbon separators and mobile activated carbon filters.


Landfills generate a series of environmental impacts related to leachate and polluted air that is generated due to fermentation processes. In the case of leachates, we offer specific pumping systems for this type of aggressive and toxic liquids. In the field of air and / or odor treatment we offer specific solutions based on air activated carbon filtration.

Automotive industry

We work on various projects for companies in the automotive industry. In general, these are treatment systems for decontaminating soil and / or groundwater contaminated with oils, hydrocarbons, solvents, organochlorines and others. We supply pre-assembled treatment systems in containers for their outdoor installation or also treatment systems to be assembled in the production plant of an industry.