Envirotecnics: the technical assistance partner you can trust

Our goal is to cover the complete cycle of remediation, water treatment and consultancy in the environmental, industrial and research sectors. Our human capital and our track record in continuous learning new technologies and methodology allow us to offer solid technical support, and that makes us different from the rest.

We aim to be your trusted partner who can provide technical service tailored to environmental requirements and your own project needs.

We offer complete turnkey services for each project and area of work.

Additional Services

For finding out the behaviour and power of our aquifer. This will help us determine our groundwater table and collect a series of values for subsequent use in our remediation process.

At Envirotecnics we offer a wide variety of pumps for these tests. We can deliver the equipment to our clients or support them in the measurement of flow rates or groundwater levels with either level probes or dataloggers for continuous readings.

Thanks to vapour sampling we map volatile compounds (VOCs) values at the site, with drilling and sampling equipment and a PID volatile detector.

This is a manual procedure involving the use of a drilling and sampling equipment. Once the drilling has been completed a polyethylene pipe is attached to a an extension or rod with metal tips at the end. Underground vapours will flow through the pipe to the PID.

The procedure allows for depths up to around 2m, and is very helpful when producing an assessment of the situation at the site and identifying possible plumes. This information can be used to decide further on probing.

We also offer sampling services so that clients can focus on analysis of PID values.


  • Experienced technicians.
  • No need for clients to send technicians to sites or learn to use new equipment.
  • Our high responsiveness leading to increased productivity.
  • We guarantee the collection of relevant data.


This procedure can be complemented with vapour analysis thanks to our activated carbon sampling pump. Clients can then send this to the lab for analysis and determining concentration of compounds.

More information please contact us: envirotecnics@envirotecnics.com