Learn about our latest projects in areas such as on-site remediation, treatment systems and research.

Dual modular skid for venting and sparging

Modular treatment unit for venting and sparging

Open channel flow measurement in a landfill

The project involved the installation of a system to measure the flow of an open channel located in a landfill. The channel carries rainwater and runoff water.It is usually dry, but periodically, when there is heavy rainfall, it will carry a considerable amount of water.

Pump and treat units for reduced space

Pump and treat unit for reduced space designed to remove hydrocarbons, each fitted with fireproof, thermal, and acoustic insulation.

Evaluation of surfactants for HCH mobilisation

Envirotecnics carried out laboratory trials to evaluate the use of surfactants for the mobilisation of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) in the non-aqueous phase present in the Sardas landfill (Aragon).

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