Learn about our latest projects in areas such as on-site remediation, treatment systems and research.

Evaluation of surfactants for HCH mobilisation

Envirotecnics carried out laboratory trials to evaluate the use of surfactants for the mobilisation of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) in the non-aqueous phase present in the Sardas landfill (Aragon).

Pumping system design for ISCO

Design and implementation of a system for the pumping and injection of oxidising agents for an ISCO pilot test at the Bailin landfill site.

Mobilization and transfer of TPH

Envirotecnics designs and sizes the washing project and also supplies and applies the non-ionic and biodegradable surfactant Envirosurf.

Sensorization project in the Ter river

equipment and installation of water level sensors in two local experimental control networks in the Baix Ter area.


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