In situ remediation services

Since 2004, ENVIROTECNICS has been a trusted partner of environmental consultants, site owners, and environmental agencies in the design and implementation of soil and groundwater remediation projects.

Our application technologies and techniques are designed to integrate with other remediation approaches and are compatible with construction materials and services. Our technical department is available to manage all aspects of the project and the injection and follow-up work necessary to successfully complete the on-site remediation underground.

Our services are tailored to the needs of our clients. We cover the entire environmental remediation requirements: from feasibility review, through corrective design and field application, and if necessary, in data interpretation.

  • Design services and technical support.
  • Product application and project management.
  • Pilot study and review.
  • Collaborative approach.
  • Integration with other remediation technologies and site activities.

Chemical Reagent Injection System

The system allows the safe and controlled application of chemicals in in-situ remediation projects of contaminated soils and groundwater, including in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), soil washing by surfactant application, and nutrient application in bio stimulation processes.

The injection system developed allows monitoring of injection flow rates, pressure, and temperature. The elements in contact with the reagents are made of materials resistant to corrosive substances and strong oxidants. The equipment facilitates the operation of the field technicians by reducing the associated chemical risks.

Benefits of working with us

Related projects

Evaluation of surfactants for HCH mobilisation

Envirotecnics carried out laboratory trials to evaluate the use of surfactants for the mobilisation of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) in the non-aqueous phase present in the Sardas landfill (Aragon).

Pumping system design for ISCO

Design and implementation of a system for the pumping and injection of oxidising agents for an ISCO pilot test at the Bailin landfill site.

Mobilization and transfer of TPH

Envirotecnics designs and sizes the washing project and also supplies and applies the non-ionic and biodegradable surfactant Envirosurf.

ISCO oxidant pumping system

Our turnkey service allows us to guarantee our clients the complete cycle of each unit delivered.