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  • 101 Water level meter

    Sonda para mediciones de nivel, con cinta de fácil lectura y exactitud de cada milímetro.
  • 102 Water level meter with coaxial cable

    The Model 102 probe is designed to measure water levels in piezometers and tubes with small diameters or where there is a need for a flexible cable that allows the probe to advance on one side of pumps installed in wells.

  • 122 Mini Interface meter

    Solinst interface meters offer clear and precise measurements of phase level and thickness.

    Milimetric precision. Accurately laser marked tape. Markings certified traceable to national standards

    Easy to mainatain and decontaminate.

  • Colloidal Borescope

    Characterizes groundwater flow velocity and identifies preferential flow zones.

  • DB100 Sound level meter

    The KIMO DB100 sound level meter is a reliable noise meter, easy to use and compatible with the demands of this type of measurement (from 30 to 130 dB). Available on a rental basis.

  • KL010 level meter

    Robust reel level probe. Includes acoustic and light alarm signal. Available for rent up to 200m of tape length.

    Available for rental

  • Portable pH Meter – pH – ORP – Temp

    The HI9125 is a rugged, waterproof and portable pH and mV meter. This meter offers many features such as the automatic error prevention system and on-screen instructions.

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