We offer a wide range of pipes adapted to different requirements of those projects that require quality, resistance, and rapid supply of material.



Pipes with very narrow diameters as for gas sampling from 4x6mm to diameters of 50mm to meet high flow and flow power needs. Various qualities in stock ranging from the most common; high- and low-density polyethylene, silicone, PVC and those types of pipes with some special reinforced characteristic: mesh or spiral.

We buy direct from the manufacturer which allows us to offer a good price, permanent stock to be able to serve directly or urgently on site.


  • Pneumatic pumps.
  • Electric pumps.
  • 12v pumps.
  • Peristaltic pumps.
  • Bladder pumps.
  • Gas sampling with analysers or special kits.
  • Water treatment units.

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