About Envirotecnics

At Envirotecnics we specialise in technical solutions for the environment.

We started in 2004 and have been leading manufacture, installation, maintenance and rental of treatment systems. We furnish environmental equipment solutions and services and on-site remediation. Thanks to all this we can provide our customers with turnkey services.

Our extensive experience makes us different: we draw from it to offer specialised technical advice in each field.

Due to our deep understanding of the market, we know that each of our clients has particular needs. We research, develop and apply the technology that is needed in each case, fostering synergies with clients and leading to successfully fulfilling each project.

To our team, sales go beyond being simple transactions. They serve as communication bridges between our expertise and the solutions required. We support our customers from the moment contact is first made. This allows us to build a transparent and trusting relationship over time.

Our evolution and position in the market would not have been possible without the involvement of our team, our real asset. People who completely identify with our solid values. Each department is made up of dynamic and professional teams looking after the daily needs of each project.

Our philosophy

We aim to gain the trust of our clients towards our goal: building long relationships with them, whose loyalty is testimony to the service they receive from us.

In order to achieve this, we believe only a high-quality finished product and attentive, dedicated technical service will do, and a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals.

This is why we provide our clients and collaborators with the best suited solutions and resources from us, bringing solutions and answers to their environmental commitments in a responsible, safe and efficient way.

We look to the future with passion and enthusiasm and we endeavour to be your one stop company at all times for every technical solution needed in the fields of water treatment, pollutants, remediation, research and environmental equipment.

Our facilities

At Envirotecnics we believe that company facilities adapted to the real needs of projects, with state-of-the-art equipment, is a recipe for success.

We have renovated, improved and extended our facilities to provide the ideal environment in which manufacturing of treatment systems takes place, improve distribution and logistics and a comfortable working environment for technicians that fulfils every health and safety requirement.

Thanks to the extensive logistics and service support from our facilities in Madrid, we can completely cover service and site maintenance throughout the Peninsula, and we commit to constant improvement.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to CSR strategies which reflect our values and we aim our clients and collaborators to feel they are a part of our contribution.

Throughout our history we have collaborated with NGOs, education centres and environmental organisations to contribute to socially, economically and environmentally improve our surroundings.

Quality policy

Our success is based on the dedication of our highly qualified workforce who work as a team, with an enterprising spirit, in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Our mission, values and vision

  • The supply of safe, high quality treatment units, products and monitoring equipment that meet every operational need required by our clients and comply with current laws and regulations that apply to all activity affecting quality and the environment.
  • The protection of the environment and the prevention of pollution arising from environmental aspects seen from a life cycle perspective.
  • Ensuring constant growth of our staff thanks to well established constant training methods.
  • Constantly improving the efficiency of our Quality Management System.


Envirotecnics Global Service S.L. is certified in the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 standards, which guarantee that the company keeps a Quality and Environmental Management System that meets the requirements set forth by the International Organization for Standardisation. ISO certifications prove Envirotecnics's commitment to providing consistent products and services that meet regulatory and customer requirements.