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  • Accesories for hand sampling products

    The AMS hand sampling accessory range consists of different elements for effective field sampling.

  • Basic kit for soil sampling

    The original AMS gas vapor probe was designed to extract vapor samples around underground fuel tanks or any container containing a volatile liquid that could potentially contaminate the ground if a leak occurs.
  • Heavy duty gas vapor sampling kit

    The Heavy-Duty Gas Vapor Sampling Kits (GVP) have all the necessary components for sampling with the added benefit of helical augers that allow penetration in rocky and hard soil conditions up to 2.7m.

  • Sediment and Water Sampling

    The AMS sediment and water sampling range consists of different elements and kits for sampling gases for different purposes.

  • Soil gas sampling

    La gama de muestreo de gases AMS consta de diferentes elementos y kits para el muestreo de gases con objetivos diferentes y tipologías diferenciadas.
  • kit-muestreo-suelos-inox

    Soil Sampling Kit

    Quick connect soil sampling auger kit. Available on a rental basis.

  • Soil systems and sampling kits

    The AMS soil sampling range consists of different elements and kits for soil sampling for different purposes.

  • VOC Sampling Syringe

    The Lock N ‘Load syringe is a soil sample collection and transport system.

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