VOC Sampling Syringe

VOC Sampling Syringe

The Lock N ‘Load syringe is a soil sample collection and transport system.



It consists of a handle and a syringe. Technique for collection and preservation in the field. The mango is sold individually. The syringes are sold in packs of 50 units. For less quantity ask.

  • The handle locks with a single turn, adjusting the sample amount to 5 and 10 grams.
  • The bevelled edge syringe is stronger than cut syringes and fits into the neck of 40 ml glass vials.
  • Strong, accurate, easy and inexpensive.


Twist the handle and push to dispense the soil sample into a vial. It can be done without removing the syringe.


The easiest way to collect undisturbed or inhomogeneous soils for preservation techniques in the field.


  • Easy to use.
  • Economic.
  • Disposable.