Soil gas sampling

Soil gas sampling

La gama de muestreo de gases AMS consta de diferentes elementos y kits para el muestreo de gases con objetivos diferentes y tipologías diferenciadas.



This wide range will allow to monitor the conditions of the research or study, with guarantees and efficiency in field work.

We offer advice for each particular case.

See catalogue in pdf


  • GPV gas sampling probe (pag 59)
  • Lost tips with Teflon umbrella and / or stainless-steel mesh. (pag 59)
  • Retractable tips. (pag 60)
  • Gas Vapor 6 “Implant Drive Kit (pag 60)
  • Silicone and Teflon tubing. (pag 61)
  • Sampling collection options ((pag 61)
  • Original gas vapor probe (pag 61)
  • GVP sampling kits with and without drill (optional Heavy-Duty Kits for harder soils) (pag 62-63)
  • Vacuum station for gas collection (12v vacuum pump, rotameter, flow regulating valve, pressure gauge and mobile platform). Optional connections. (ask details)
  • Sub-slab: probe kit that allows volatile samples to be sampled under concrete slabs / blocks. (pag 64)


  • Lost or retractable tips allow us to map the most superficial area of ​​the soil, for example, to search for points of focus. It can be done with our kit that contains all the elements.
  • Long-term monitoring of subsoil gases, leaving the Vapor Gas 6 installed, groundwater monitoring, vapor extraction monitoring and as a pressure measurement point in vacuum tests.
  • Heavy Duty Gas Kit composed of all the elements for our investigation. Drill, pipes, extension bars, missing tips. (for purchase and rent).
  • Vapor intrusion analysis indoors, slabs (Sub-slab Kit) with semi-permanent probe that allows repeated sampling over time. Everything is installed so that it is passable and does not interfere with the normal operation of the space.
  • In all examples, values ​​can be measured with PID or by connecting a vacuum pump for sampling to activated carbon. (GILAIR type from our catalogue)


Environmental, agricultural, construction, industry, research sector.


  • Variety of connections according to requirements of the type of work.
  • Materials and alloys engineering optimized for better adaptation to projects.
  • Kits designed with the aim of optimizing and facilitating field work.


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