Heavy duty gas vapor sampling kit

Heavy duty gas vapor sampling kit

The Heavy-Duty Gas Vapor Sampling Kits (GVP) have all the necessary components for sampling with the added benefit of helical augers that allow penetration in rocky and hard soil conditions up to 2.7m.



Kits come with two 2 ” x 36 ” helical extensions and a 2 ” x 36 ” helical lead tip to allow the user to pre-drill a hole to a depth of 9 feet.


The helical lead bit comes with a hard surface tip for regular soil conditions and a 2 ” carbide tip for heavily compacted soil. GPV Heavy Duty kits also come with a larger 2 1/2 ” bore concrete drill bit (SDS-Max) instead of the 1 1/2 ” concrete bit included in the standard gas vapor probe kits.

The drill bit allows you to sample under concrete by providing clearance for 2 ” diameter twist bits. These kits also include an SDS-Max bit adapter. Pre-drill your holes to the desired depth with the twist bits or pre-hole with the extensions and solid expandable probe tip. Then re-enter the same well with the GVP hollow extensions and the sampling point. This will increase the life of your GVP stainless steel tips and hollow rods. Pre-drilling with helical bits also allows access to sample points at horizontal and vertical angles.


Ideal for soil gas sampling in rocky or concrete soils.


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Specialized technicians

The possibility of specialized technical personnel is offered to carry out the drilling and sampling.

Direct push

We have a complete DIRECT PUSH team, and qualified personnel to carry out the work.

Contact us at envirotecnics@envirotecnics.com o al 872 080 542.

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