Soil systems and sampling kits

Soil systems and sampling kits

The AMS soil sampling range consists of different elements and kits for soil sampling for different purposes.



This wide range will allow to monitor the conditions of the research or study, with guarantees and efficiency in field work.

  • We offer advice for each particular case.
  • See pdf catalogue and operating videos.

Some of the sampling equipment:

  • Floor kits with 3/4 “Signature threaded and 5/8” Threaded connections, quick connectors. Each of them specific to adapt to different types of soil and needs.
  • Augers for mud, sand and regular soils with three types of connection.
  • Reinforced augers.
  • Buckets with zinc bath for cleaning augers.
  • Edelman augers for coarse sand and clay, also for rocky soils (Stony soil auger)
  • Dutch augers.
  • Soil recovery augers in cylinders with cover for later analysis.
  • Flighted augers for difficult terrain.
  • Flat augers (Planer Auger). They collect loose earth and other materials from already drilled bottoms.
  • Easy to transport field kits.
  • Telescopic augers.
  • Collects multistage samples, for sampling at different depths (Multi-Stage Core Sampler).


Kit básico profesional de muestreo - Professional Series Basic kit

Eyectores EZ- EZ eject soil probe

Cortador seguro de cilindros- Safety liner splitter