Accesories for hand sampling products

Accesories for hand sampling products

The AMS hand sampling accessory range consists of different elements for effective field sampling.



This wide range will allow correct assistance in sampling and facilitate the field technician during sampling and sample recovery.

We offer advice for each particular case.

See catalogue in pdf.

  • Sliding hammers.
  • Rock breaker kit.
  • Connection adapters.
  • Accessories for Quick Connection.
  • Munsell colour chart folder.
  • Sample cylinders in plastic, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.
  • Fluoropolymer film.
  • Hammer adapters.
  • Augers for rock and concrete (heavy duty).
  • Silicone and fluoropolymer tubing.
  • Tedlar bags.
  • 12V vacuum pumps.
  • 12V vacuum station.


Accesorios y consumibles para ser utilizados con equipos de muestreo de suelo.

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