Fultz Electric Pump

Fultz Electric Pump

The Fultz pump enables efficient and reliable sampling and purging in wells and piezometers up to a depth of 45m.



The electric submersible pump is constructed of stainless steel and Teflon® and operates with positive displacement.


Two Teflon® gears sit in a stainless steel cavity and move water through the hose in a constant flow. Teflon is used for rotors and is the only component of the pump that requires routine maintenance. Teflon rotors are field replaceable (operator only needs a pair of needle nose pliers and screwdriver). The lifespan of these rotors is 100 hours in clean water. Fewer hours depending on turbidity.

  • The pump’s low-rev electric motor will not disturb the sample. The motor runs on 36VDC.
  • A cool down period is not necessary as long as the pump is submerged in water. The engine generates little heat and no cooling shroud is required.
  • A removable check valve is also offered (optional). This connection coupling
  • Quick stainless steel and Teflon can be easily installed or removed according to sampling requirements.


  • Groundwater monitoring and remediation projects.
  • Monitoring and closure of landfills.
  • Phase I and II Site evaluations.
  • Evaluation and remediation of military sites.
  • Monitoring of regulatory compliance.
  • Hydrogeological investigations.
  • Monitoring of industrial site.

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