Sampling and Research Accessories

Sampling and Research Accessories

Wide range of accessories for field sampling, filtration, calibration and transport.



The accessories that Envirotecnics offers facilitate the field technician all the work to be able to carry out the sampling safely, having the appropriate consumables for equipment calibration, sample filtering according to project requirements, transport tools and equipment protection in a practical and safe, the appropriate tools for suspension of dataloggers or pumps with security guarantees, which allows concentrating efforts on the priority objectives of achieving the work.


Sampling accessories:

  • Tedlar bags: Excellent sample integrity for VOCs, CO, CO2, CH4, SF6. Referenced in many EPA methods. Within the range of tedlar bags there are several types. Request more information as needed.
  • Peristaltic Sampling Pipe Weights: Dramatically improves sampling depth accuracy. Especially in piezometers from 3” it speeds up the field work in the placement of the sample pipe.
  • Nitrile gloves. all sizes.
  • Solarpod portable solar power group.
  • Foldable transport trolley:
  • Dimensions: 38 x 31 x 33cm.
  • Rubber wheels.
  • Telescopic handle.
  • Hermetic caps for piezometer.
  • Caps with expansive joint for sampling VOCs.
  • Well plugs, blind and with 2”and 4” bypass.
  • Protective folder for annotations and reports.

Accessories to calibrate:

  • AC filter adaptable to PID nozzle to perform the Zero measurement.
  • Calibration gas bottles: variety of bottles for calibrations from Isobutylene for PIDs, gas mix for explosimeters and analysers. Certificate is delivered.
  • Calibration solutions Variety of standard solutions for PH, Conductivity, Redox, etc.
  • Gilair pump flow calibrator.
  • Hose trolley. It facilitates the transport and movement of the 12V pump hose. Assembly can be done on request.

Accessories to filter samples:

  • 0.45-micron disc filters. Filtering area 6cm2
  • 0.45-micron disc filter. Filtering area 20cm2
  • 0.45-micron and 10-micron capsule filter. filtering area 800 cm2.

Hanging accessories:

  • Stainless steel cable.
  • Braided coil.
  • Carabiner.

See attached catalogue.

If the accessory you need is not there, send an email to and we will advise you.


Sampling, filtration, protection, logistics.


Ficha técnia calibrador Gilair

Ficha técnica soluciones de calibración

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