MP1 Submersible Pump

MP1 Submersible Pump

The MP-1 is a 2” submersible pump used for purging, for sampling contaminated groundwater, for water quality control, as well as for other industrial and environmental applications.



The MP-1 is made of inert materials that do not affect the pumped liquid and therefore neither the results of the analysis.


  • Chemically inert materials.
  • Maximum integrity of the sample and easy decontamination.
  • 1.8 inches (4.6cm) in diameter.
  • Easy access in wells of 2 “(5cm) or more.
  • Flow rates ranging from 8 GPM (30 LPM) to 100 ml ⁄ min.
  • Controlled at the push of a button.
  • Low speeds and little agitation.
  • Ideal for sampling and purging.
  • Portable solid state converter.
  • Eliminates the need for control valves.
  • Continuous flow.
  • Ensures cleaner and simpler sampling.
  • Portable or dedicated configurations available.


The operation of the MP1 is adjusted by the converter that controls the speed of the pump by means of the frequency.

It allows obtaining samples in order to analyze:

  • The content of contaminants.
  • The concentration of pollutants.
  • The extent of the contamination column.
  • Depth up to: 30m, 60m and 85m.

Electric specifications

Full Load .5 HP / 220V / 3 PH / 400 Hz / 5.5A

Maximum Current (SFA) 5.5 amps

Motor Protection Thermal overload –

Thermik Geratebau, SY6 Series (80 ° C)

Built-in Current Overload in Redi-Flo VFD (9.0A for 10 seconds)

Pipe Connection

Discharge Port 1/2 “female NPT

Operating conditions

Temp. Fluid Min Environment 1 ° C

Temp. Max Environment Fluid 28 ° C

Engine Fluid

Engine Lubricant Fluid Distilled Water

Dimensions and weight (Pump and Motor)

Dimensions 28.7cm L x 4.6cm D

Net Weight (2.5 kg), excluding motor head

Head Length

Standard Lengths (30, 46, 91 meters)

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