12V Submersible Pumps

12V Submersible Pumps

Ideal for environmental work, purging, small cleanings and groundwater sampling in 2 “wells. The pumps have an electric cable for maximum pumping measurement and a double battery connector and car plug (only for shallow pumps). 12V supply.



  • The range consists of:
    • Plastic pumps :
    • lengths of 12.2m; 18.3m; 25.9m; 36m; 45.8m and 60m. (from 36m they need the flow regulator, in shallower depths it is optional).
    • Stainless steel pumps:
    • Lenghts:  24.4m; 36.6m; 45m; 60m (all need regulator or power booster except the 24.4m which is optional).


  • Connection to battery or car cigarette lighter connector.
  • Possibility of connecting a flow regulator.
  • Pumping depth up to 61m using a booster.
  • The pump motors have a life of up to 400h under optimal operating conditions.
  • The pumps are designed to run continuously.
  • It is not recommended that they run dry.


  • Before inserting the pump into the well, you need to connect the pump to the desired length of tubing.
  • Lower the pump into the well until the liquid inlet of the pump is submerged.
  • When using the battery clips connect the pump clips to the appropriate battery terminal (it is crucial for the performance and life of the pump).
  • The continuous operation of the pump must always be in a saturated medium, if it runs dry it may be damaged. If it is used continuously approx. 1-hour dry damage can be irreversible and even more if a controller with booster is used the pump may possibly fail even sooner depending on the controller output voltage.
  • When the pump is removed from the well, make sure it has drained by holding it in the upright position so that all the water can drain from the unit.

If water remains in the pump it can damage the unit. To remove the tubing  from the outlet, simply cut the vertical tubing with a blade edge or cutter, then easily remove. Forcing when the uncut tubing is removed can result in rupture of the discharge outlet.



Decontaminate the 12V submersible pump by immersing it with its cable in a container in warm water with a phosphate-free liquid detergent.



12V pumps are suitable for use with low to medium turbidity water (all specifications are based on tests using clean cold water at 12.5V unless otherwise specified). 12V pumps are not compatible with liquids other than water and should not be used with flammable oils or liquids.

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