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  • 12V Submersible Pumps

    Ideal for environmental work, purging, small cleanings and groundwater sampling in 2 “wells. The pumps have an electric cable for maximum pumping measurement and a double battery connector and car plug (only for shallow pumps). 12V supply.

  • AP2 ATEX Pneumatic Pumps

    AP2 pneumatic pumps provide maximum performance and flow in 2” wells, achieving full pumping of wells contaminated with light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL).

  • AP3 ATEX Pneumatic Pumps

    The AP3 pneumatic pumps are designed for non-severe remediation pumping applications in 3 ”or larger wells, achieving high performance.

  • bomba-geosub2

    Bomba de muestreo Geosub2

    Bomba para muestreo de 12 voltios de una sola etapa. Diseñada con componentes de acero inoxidable. Permite muestrear con confianza incluso en las condiciones más adversas. La Geosub 2 opera con el controlador Geosub 2 de Geotech.

    Disponible en 30m, 45m, 60m

  • PF50 Poski Floating Skimmer

    The POSKI skimmer allows the removal of all kinds of supernatant material in decanters, pits or hydrocarbon separators. Available on a rental basis.

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