Sensorization project in the Ter river


Envirotecnics participates in the equipment and installation of dataloggers in two local experimental control networks in the Baix Ter area.


In one of the networks, the purpose is to continuously monitor the river-aquifer relationship, while in the second, the purpose is to obtain information on the quantitative potential effect on the surface aquifer, due to the existence of poplar plantations.

Campaign development framework

This campaign is developed within the framework of the Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Project (PECT): Girona, a region sensitive to water. The forecast for monitoring both control networks will be one hydrometeorological year.

Experienced Envirotecnics technicians have advised, installed and programmed Solinst dataloggers to carry out the required characteristics of the project in terms of robustness, reliability and high precision. Likewise, the technical team will monitor and support throughout the campaign.

Territorial reference

The PECT project “Girona, a region sensitive to water” is set up to face the quantitative and qualitative risk of the waters of the Baix Ter from the implementation of new management models and sustainable infrastructures based on technological innovation.

The project aims to become a territorial and international benchmark, improving the management and use of water and thus consolidate the new culture of water in the territory.

The project has the participation of Geoservei, the Central Board of Usuaris d’Aigües del Baix Ter, Diputació de Girona, Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Union.

Project participants: Geoservei, Junta Central d’Usuaris d’Aigües del Baix Ter, Diputació de Girona, Generalitat de Catalunya y la Unión Europea.

Fist stage


Final stage


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