Dual modular skid for venting and sparging

Dual modular skid for venting and sparging

The modular equipment consists of three units:

– The rotameter unit consists of a painted steel metal structure with 4 rotameters, one for each vent line. It is an optional element that allows a precise regulation of the flow of the different lines.


– Ventilation unit with depressor with a capacity of 120 m3/h at a vacuum of max. of -310 mbar. Phase separator with level probes for the automatic control of the transfer pump equipped with a totalizer at the outlet. Sampling at the outlet of the separator and dilution valve prior to the inlet of the depressor. In the same unit there is an electrical control panel equipped with a SM router for sending alarm messages. The panel also controls the components of the sparging system intended to work in combination with a local compressor. The unit is mounted on a galvanized steel skid.


-250 kg activated carbon air filter, with temperature probe and inlet test point and outlet test point, mounted on a galvanized steel skid.

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Easy and flexible installation of the different modules

Weather resistant

The vent unit is provided with the components that allow the combination with a compressor module for a sparging treatment.

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