Open channel flow measurement in a landfill


Open channel flow measurement in a landfill


The project involved the installation of a system to measure the flow of an open channel located in a landfill. The channel carries rainwater and runoff water.

It is usually dry, but periodically, when there is heavy rainfall, it will carry a considerable amount of water.



Installation details

Because of the kind of open channel and its size, a decision was made to install a radar sensor without a Parshal flow meter, connected to a programmable datalogger.

Using the contour, slant, and distance from the sensor to the bottom of the channel, we constructed a typical curve so the datalogger could report the flow rate in m3/h and the accumulated values every 24 hours.

Measurements are taken every 5 minutes and are stored in internal memory.

There is no 2G/4G signal coverage in this case, so weekly reports need to be manually downloaded in CSV files, however they could be sent via email.


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