Calibration bottles for measurement equipments

Calibration bottles for measurement equipments

Some field measurement equipment requires calibration to ensure correct readings, for example, PIDs to measure VOCs, explosimeters or gas analysers in landfills.



  • Bottles from 34L of Isobutylene 100 ppm.
  • Bottles for calibration of explosimeters with the parameters of CO, O2, SH2 …
  • Bottles for calibrating analysers with different gases: CH4, O2, SH2, CO2 …
  • Simple tool to use for the total emptying of spent bottles, helps with waste management.
  • We provide fixed or adjustable flow valves.
  • We deliver certificate.


Depending on the type of equipment and its function, we will have more or less recurring calibrations. We make various gas formulations available to our customers for the different equipment and with the advantage of being able to order individual units from each bottle. We can adapt the formulations to each calibration need.


Calibration of measurement equipment.

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