ATEX Peristaltic Pump with Built-in Battery

ATEX Peristaltic Pump with Built-in Battery

ATEX peristaltic pump with built-in battery for water sampling in areas with explosive risk.



  • This pump fully complies with the ATEX 1995 II 3G standard and is suitable for its use in ATEX zone 2 137.
  • The VRM peristaltic pump is designed and developed for environmental sampling of groundwater.
  • Therefore, the device will only be used for this purpose, if it were used for another purpose, there could be a possible malfunction of the pump, as a result of improper and / or incorrect use and it would not be covered by the warranty. (1 year)
  • Possibility of including weights to the pipe to pump from a greater depth.



Peristaltic pump, a network charger, a cable that serves as a lighter and manual connection.



Open the cover on the front of the body that protects the charging point. Plug in the plug of the supplied power unit. Connect the power supply to the mains or 220 / 230V (12V) charging point of the car cigarette lighter. When connected in this way, it charges the battery. During charging, the light blinks red.

To guarantee the life of the battery, it is recommended to charge the battery only when it is almost completely discharged or without charge. Fully charge the battery (until the red light comes on constantly). It is not recommended to interrupt the charging process.

Always close the lid after charging with the charging point turned off to protect it from all dirt or water. The built-in rechargeable battery does not last indefinitely. For intensive use, the battery lasts for approximately 1 year for it to function properly and must then be replaced.


  • We recommend that the pump only be put into use if the battery is sufficiently charged (preferably).
  • To start the pump, turn the control switch clockwise.


  • To regulate the flow rate, the control switch is turned clockwise.


  • Flashing red> The charging process is working or the battery needs to be charged.
  • Steady red> signal that the battery is fully charged.
  • Steady green> the pump is running
  • Green blink> pump has been overloaded
  • It blinks green and red constantly> the pump is running, but the battery should be charged.


  • Only the 6 X 10mm silicone hose is suitable for placement on the pump head. Using a different tube size affects the correct operation of the pump.
  • The hose must be positioned carefully and correctly.
  • Then put the pump into use at low speed. Place the silicone hose in the lower inlet of the pump head.


Service stations, chemical and petrochemical industries, warehouses, etc.

  • Brief technical specifications ATEX MK I
  • Weight: 10.3 kilos
  • Size: L = 36 cm. H = 22 cm. B = 36 cm.
  • Speed: 0 to 235 revolutions per minute
  • Battery: 12V maintenance free
  • Maximum noise: 65 dBa
  • Hose size: 6 x 10mm silicone tube
  • Under ATEX 1995 II 3G regulations for zone 2.

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