107 Multiparametric water level meter

107 Multiparametric water level meter

The TLC probe is ideal for profiling conductivity and temperature in wells and bodies of water. Display accurate conductivity and temperature measurements on a rotating digital display for easy readings.



  • Conductivity readings are 0 to 80,000 µS / cm
  • Accuracy of 5% of reading
  • Tape lengths up to 300m
  • Robust reel, PVDF tape with laser markings every millimetre
  • Probe diameter 19mm (3/4 “)
  • Standard 9V battery for 90 hours of use
  • Auto power off after 8 minutes

Robust Flat Tape Made of PVDF. High-quality PVDF tape easily rolls up, stays flexible, and stays straight inside the well, regardless of temperature. The flat ribbon is mounted on a robust and well-balanced reel. On the front plate is the 9-volt alkaline battery drawer. Permanent laser markings in 1 millimetre or 1/100-foot increments ensure accurate readings. Copper plated stainless-steel braided conductors resist corrosion, provide strength by preventing elongation, and allow the tape to be spliced for repair. The tape design reduces adhesion to wet surfaces.


The Model 107 TLC meter measures temperature, level, and conductivity. Temperature and conductivity readings appear on the LCD and the water level is read on the tape, just like on a conventional water level meter. When the probe is immersed in a conductive liquid, a circuit is completed, and the water level is indicated by a tone and light lasting approximately 1 second.

Conductivity measurements are read from 0 to 80,000 µS / cm with readings with an accuracy of 5% of the reading or 100 µS (whichever is greater). The “smart probe” shows the conductivity that was standardized at 25 ºC, that is, specific conductance (shown as EC). The temperature conductance coefficient is 2.0% per ºC. The accuracy of the Temperature is ± 0.2ºC from -15 ° C to + 50 ° C.


When the conductivity readings on the display are for example “0500μ” = 500μS / cm. When the conductivity reaches 10,000 μS / cm, the screen displays it as “10.0M” (mS = MilliSiemens). For example 13,470 μS / cm is displayed as 13.5M.

The TLC probe uses a ‘smart’ sensor with platinum electrodes to read conductivity. The conductivity is displayed on the screen along with the associated temperature measurement. The ‘smart’ conductivity sensor automatically displays standardized conductivity at 25 ° C, ie specific conductance. The temperature conductance coefficient is 2% per ° C.

Calibration is easy using 1413 µS, 5000 µS, 12.880 µS, and / or 80,000 µS calibration solutions to perform manual 1, 2, 3, or 4-point conductivity calibration.

When the probe zero point comes into contact with water, the electrical circuit is completed, briefly activating the auditory signal. The display screen turns black for a second. At that time the water level measurement is taken with the tape. When the probe is removed from the water, a short audio signal announces to the user that the probe is out of the water.

The unit is supplied with the tape guide for use when profiling. The guide allows water level measurement to be made using the marking at its centre which provides accurate and repetitive level measurements. The guide protects the tape against damage from the strut edges.

Temperature measurements

The TLC probe operates in a temperature range between -15 ° C and + 50 ° C (23 ° F to + 122 ° F). The user can choose to have the readings display on the screen in ° C or ° F. Accuracy is +/- 0.2 ° C in Celsius, or +/- 0.4 ° F in Fahrenheit. The ‘smart’ sensor automatically adjusts conductivity measurements and displays specific conductance. This results in standardized repetitive measurements, comparable over and over again.

When the unit is turned on, the display shows conductivity and temperature.

Display on Conductivity and Temperature Screen

The on-screen menu is easy to operate. When the unit is turned on the display displays electrical conductivity and temperature readings in or out of the water. If the ‘ON’ button is pressed for 2 seconds and released, the display moves to the next menu. Press the ‘ON’ button 2 times quickly in any window and the screen will show the action displayed.


  • Conductivity and temperature profiling in wells and surface waters.
  • Salinity studies.
  • Saltwater intrusion investigations.
  • Tests for detection of chemical residues.
  • General indication of contamination levels.
  • Early detection of changes in water quality in:
  • Landfills
  • Industrial zones.


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