KL010 level meter

KL010 level meter

Robust reel level probe. Includes acoustic and light alarm signal. Available for rent up to 200m of tape length.

Available for rental



The KL010 water level meter is standard equipment for accurate measurement of the water level in groundwater observation wells. Mobile devices are characterized by simple, fast and reliable measurement acquisition. Different versions allow you to select the appropriate measuring device according to your individual requirements for cable length or ease of use.

By default, all water level meters are equipped with optical and acoustic signalling when in contact with water. Optionally, the units can be extended with a bottom sensor to measure the depth of the groundwater well. These measuring equipment have been in use for many years throughout the world and are a guarantee of robustness and accurate values in difficult field conditions.

– Optical and optional acoustic signalling in contact with water.

– No annoying components or supports when starting

– Robust construction with low weight.

– 4 different models for individual requirements and applications

– Variable cable lengths from 5 to 1000m available

– Lower sensor for grounding (accessory)


The level probe has an electrode at the end of the tape to detect contact with water. Thanks to the acoustic and light signal we can measure exactly the depth at which the groundwater level is located.

We recommend avoiding contact of the tape with the edges of the piezometer head, as this could damage the tape and over time the operation of the equipment.


  • Measurements of the water level in electrically conductive liquids in metering pipes, groundwater wells and tanks.
  • Long-term observations for periodic verification measurements.
  • Inspection of installed groundwater data loggers.
  • Continuous detection of the water level during pumping tests.
  • Additional exploration of the depth of the well with the bottom sensor (accessory).

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