Testo 416 Anemometer

Testo 416 Anemometer

Anemometer with integrated 16 mm vane telescopic probe (max. 890 mm), which allows you to measure in ducts, both the air speed and its flow.



The testo 416 portable anemometer determines the air speed in seconds. The flow is displayed directly on the easy-to-read illuminated display, after entering the inside diameter of the measurement line.

Thanks to the extendable telescopic probe with fixed cable, with a maximum length of 890 mm and 16 mm in diameter, the anemometer is optimal for measuring velocity and flow in the air duct.

  • Direct visualization of the flow.
  • Calculation of the average by time or multi point.
  • Max / min values.
  • Hold key to hold readings.
  • Illuminated display.
  • Automatic disconnection function.
  • Top Safe, the non-deformable protection cover (optional).
  • Top Safe (optional), protection of the instrument against dirt and bumps.

The product should not be used in the following areas:

Areas with risk of explosiveness.

Measurements for medical diagnoses.


The diameter of the duct is entered in the portable anemometer and based on the average by time or by points, it will show the average flow.

To calculate the flow simply enter the surface of the duct in the portable anemometer and based on the time or point average it will show the average flow. Clicking on the hold function keeps the current measurement value on the screen or accesses the minimum and maximum values.


Measurements of the volumetric flow of air in ducts.

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