Kimo MP112 vacuum gauge

Kimo MP112 vacuum gauge

Portable digital vacuum gauge with integrated pressure sensor (0 to 2,000 mbar.)



The MP112 vacuum gauge features:

  • Screen 2 lines.
  • Functions: Pressure, Hold, Min, Max, manual auto-zero, illuminated display, change of units, automatic disconnection.
  • Supplied with secured pressure connections, 2 x 1 m. clear tube 4 x 6mm, stainless steel tube diameter 6mm, length 100mm.
  • Calibration certificate and transport case.


The piezoresistive sensor: It is a membrane formed on a silicon substrate, which bends with the applied pressure and generates millivoltage or milli-current proportional to the applied pressure.

Pitot tube: The pitot tube calculates the dynamic pressure: Pd = total pressure (Pt) – static pressure (Ps) The velocity is calculated from Bernoulli’s simplified formula.

Allowable overpressure 3 bar
Pressure connectors Ø 4 x 6 mm connectors with nickel-plated brass thread
Screen 2 lines, LCD technology.

Size 50 x 34.9 mm.

1 5-digit line with 7 segments (values)

1 5-digit line with 16 segments (values)

Protection Shockproof with ABS, IP54 protection
Keyboard Metal overlay with 5 key
Cable Spiral cable, lg 450 mm, extendable up to 2.4m
Alimentation 1 alkaline battery 9V 6LR61
Use temperature 0 to 50 ° C
Warehouse temperature From -20 to + 80 ° C
Adjustable automatic shutdown 0 to 120 min
Weight 190g

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