Kimo LV111 Anemometer

Kimo LV111 Anemometer

Portable helix probe anemometer thermometer with Ø 14 mm cable (0.8 to 25 m / s and 0 to +50 ºC). 2-line display. 2 meters of cable.



  • Speed: Hall effect sensor

Rotating the propeller shaft activates an 8-pole magnet. A dual Hall effect sensor located near these detects the transition of magnetic polarity and emits a signal that is converted into an electrical frequency proportional to air speed.

  • Temperature: NTC sensor

The NTC sensor is a thermistor whose temperature coefficient is negative, so its resistance value decreases with temperature.

  • Calculation of the air flow.
  • Calculation of the air flow with cone.
  • Dimensions of the square or circular duct.
  • Automatic averaging.
  • Selection of units.
  • Maximum and minimum values.
  • HOLD function.
  • Automatic shutdown setting.
  • Adjusting the background lighting.
  • Selection of the type of cone.


The surface of the duct is entered in the portable anemometer and from the time or point averaging it will show the average flow.

To calculate the flow simply enter the diameter of the duct in the portable anemometer and from the time or point average it will show the average flow. Clicking on the hold function keeps the current measurement value on the screen or accesses the minimum and maximum values.


Volumetric air flow measurements in tubes or pipes.

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