Pneumatic diaphragm pumps

Pneumatic diaphragm pumps

Pneumatic Diagram Pumps are designed to ensure efficient and continuous performance in order to reduce labor time and difficulties.



This range offers the Elima-Matic air distribution system, which eliminates pumping problems and guarantees optimal functionality and a continuous flow of fluids. Its design is prepared to simplify maintenance and reduce costs and repair times. In addition, it allows the pumping of water with small sediments.

They can work up to 8.5 Bars. Fluid-free, submerged, self-priming and at high pressures. There are metal and plastic models that adapt to each project.

Metal pumps

  • Simple assembly
  • Rigid, long-lasting construction
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Multiple supply of materials for your applications
  • Waterproof and portable
  • Freeze free
  • Free of lubrication
  • They work in vacuum
  • Sizes: From ½ to 3 ”.
  • Materials: aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel and Hastelloy.
  • Maximum flow: 1033 bpm
  • Maximum Suction: 9.8m (Barley) / 5.8m (Non-barley)

Plastic Pumps

  • High chemical resistance.
  • Wide range of sizes and materials.
  • Submersible and portable.
  • Freezing free.
  • Free of lubrication.
  • They work in a vacuum.
  • Size from ¼ ”to 3”.
  • Materials: conductive acetal, conductive polypropylene, polypropylene, PVDF.
  • Maximum Flow: 901 bpm.
  • Maximum suction: 9.8m (Submerged) / 4.9m (On the surface).

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