Petrobailer Passive Skimmer

Petrobailer Passive Skimmer

The Petrobailer Passive Skimmer recovers floating hydrocarbons in 2″ wells or more.

Easy to deploy and decontaminate.



This skimmer is made of threaded PVC components and is designed to collect phase-free products from 2-inch and larger wells. The product inlet membrane is hydrophobic and connects between the tank body and the top cap.

Not suitable for viscous oils.

The device recovers product if the thickness of the free phase is greater than 300 mm.


The installation of the Petrobailer skimmer is simple and is completed in just a few steps.

  • First, measure and record the level of the phase and its thickness in the well.
  • Tie a suspension rope of the required length to the ring at the top of the Petrobailer until it is centered in the well.
  • Slowly lower the Petrobailer into the well.
  • After a few minutes of immersion, the separation will be easily done. The hydrophobic membrane can be slightly submerged preventing water from entering the reservoir tube. However, it is recommended not to submerge it to avoid water penetration into the storage tank.
  • Finally, remove the Petrobailer periodically from the well, unscrew the upper part and empty the contents into a suitable container. After each emptying, take back the measurement of the free phase to reinstall the skimmer.


Petrobailer skimmers are used for the passive recovery of LNAPLs. They are also used to calculate the product recovery properties of aquifers. They are used from piezometers such as tanks or gas station tanks or industries where product recovery is required.

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