Disposable passive skimmers

Disposable passive skimmers

Disposable skimmers allow the absorption of floating water from wells or boreholes in a simple and economical way.

Being composed of oleophilic and hydrophobic absorbent materials, they only absorb hydrocarbons. These skimmers are for single use, once saturated they should not be used again and should be managed in the appropriate waste.



  • Designed for wells of 2 “(5cm}, 4” (10cm} or more.
  • Designed to recover product, not water.
  • Refills of absorbent media available in boxes of 12 for EcoOileaters or in stainless steel for Geosorbs.
  • For maximum absorption, consult the maximum stay time of each skimmer, also make sure that the cable is well fixed and at the desired depth.
  • It can absorb up to 750ml of hydrocarbon per unit *.

* Nominal product absorption is determined by product viscosity and it can modify depending on site conditions.


Disposable passive skimmers are very easy to use. It is tied to a guy-wire and lowered into the well to the desired depth. The skimmer must remain in contact with the product to be absorbed.

Once saturated, it can be thrown away, as long as environmental regulations are respected.


Recovery of hydrocarbons in piezometers, drilling. Free phase absorption when the thickness is too thin for an active skimmer. They are also very useful for smothering emergency spills, or absorbing product in leaking storage tanks.

Product Eco-OilEater GeoSorb
Dimensions Diameter 3.3 cm (special for 2” wells). Length 55 cm For 2- and 4-inch wells.
Length 90cm
Capacity 750mL 680mL / 2.65L
Materials Absorbent material: Melt-blown polypropylene.
Mesh material: cotton / reinforced stretch fibre
Absorbent material: Polypropylene

Mesh Material: White polypropylene


Units 12 units per box 12 units per box

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