Hydrolift II Motor

Hydrolift II Motor

The Hydrolift II motor is a portable electric pump used for well development with the Waterra system.





With 220V power, it can pump up to 200 cycles per minute.

  • Fully adjustable, fits almost any casing or piezometer size and can also be used with flush well terminations.
  • Anchored discharge end of the pipe supports the inertial pump pipe and also supports the discharge end of the pipe, facilitating sampling.
  • Requires a 220-volt power supply.
  • Ideal for use in the development of monitoring wells
  • Reduces fatigue by eliminating fatigue that can be experienced in long monitoring programs.
  • Hinged tube clamp
  • Suitable for use with high flow (D-32), standard (D-25) and low flow (D-16, D-13) inertial valves.


The Hidrolift II motor is ideal for purging and sampling in 2” piezometers and 45m to 75m. deep. It is optimal for operating with the standard flow system to its maximum effective depth and will operate with the high flow system, up to a depth of 45 m.