HD100 Thermohygrometer

HD100 Thermohygrometer

The KIMO HD110 portable hygrometer thermometer is equipped with a probe to measure temperature, relative humidity and dew point. Available on a rental basis.



  • Relative humidity, dew point and temperature.
  • Minimum and maximum values.
  • Selection of units and dew point.
  • Automatic adjustable shutdown.
  • LOCK function.
  • Adjustable contrast.

(Available as rental).


Capacitive humidity sensor:

Capacitive probes have a moisture sensitive polymer substrate, located between two metal plates covered by a glass substrate. Due to the absorption of water as a function of the relative humidity of the air, the dielectric constant is modified. The measurement signal is directly proportional to the relative humidity and independent of atmospheric pressure.

Temperature: semiconductor sensor:

The direct voltage of a silicon diode depends on the temperature.


  • Measurement of temperature, relative humidity and dew point.