Geocontrol bladder pump

Geocontrol bladder pump

The bladder pump is used for quality and contamination monitoring in groundwater. These teams pump to the surface causing minimal agitation obtaining more representative samples.



Bladder pump

Made in 316 stainless steel: For durability and truly representative samples.

  • Easy-open structure: No tools or training required to maintain the pump.
  • Quick bladder change setup: Bladders are easily changeable without tools by simply sliding the PTFE collars.
  • Extra bladders available: Available in PTFE and Polyethylene for all models.
  • Reinforced hoses: Polyethylene or Polyethylene coated with FEP by the meter or by rolls.
  • CE certified.


The Geocontrol PRO controller offers a unique control to operate with sampling bladder pumps. With a 12 Volt (DC) connection the internal air compressor is capable of producing a pressure of up to 7 bar. This pressure allows the user to take samples at a depth of 55 m.

  •  Compact and portable: The 4 kg controller can be easily transported and is ideal for use in the field!
  • Compatible with the entire range of Bladder pumps: portable, dedicated and most of the air lift pumps on the market today.
  • Integrated high-performance air compressor: allows sampling from depths of 55 m.
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection.
  • Powered by 12V DC car battery – Check out our portable rechargeable battery and optional AC to DC power adapter.
  • Coupling of quick connections to facilitate the change of tubes: tubes joined in polyethylene and polyethylene coated with FEP available by the foot or by the roll.


The Bladder pumping system includes the pump and the control box for configuring the cycles of the Bladder pump. There is the possibility of programming the duration of vacuum and pressure to be able to regulate the flow of the Bladder pump. The regulation of these cycles will allow the pump to fill and circulate the fluid towards the surface.


Ideal for sampling volatile compounds. The pumped fluid does not come into contact with air at any time in the pumping system. Reduces the agitation of the water to be pumped.

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