Eijkelkamp peristaltic pump

Eijkelkamp peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump with internal battery that allows working in the field without the need for a power supply for 4,5h.



Specially designed for use in the field, this peristaltic pump is battery operated and microprocessor controlled. The microprocessor allows a constant adjustable number of revolutions (which can be stored in memory), overload protection and various external control modes. Control of the peristaltic pump can be performed through the keyboard on the front panel.

A built-in 12 volt maintenance-free battery allows you to use the pump for 2 to 5 hours continuously (depending on the load). The CE certified pump is splash proof (IP 64) and can be used in the field without problems. The device can be used in all positions. The pump is designed for long-term professional use in unfavorable circumstances.

  • Integrated 4,5 hour battery, avoids tangles of cables.
  • Electronic fuses, fully protected battery / pump.
  • Basic tool for all groundwater analysis.
  • Perfect for purging and sampling from low volume wells.
  • Pumps 100-2,300 ml / min.
  • Perfect for micro purges and low flow sampling.
  • Low loss of volatiles if used with 6×8 PE pipes and sucks <6 meters of water.
  • No cross contamination: Cheap interchangeable tubes and free of contaminants.
  • Renewable tubes for the highest reproducibility of sampling results in volatiles compared to other pumps.
  • Officially authorized for sampling volatiles if suction is <6m in the Netherlands (NEN5744).
  • Pressure allows perfect 0,45 micron filtration on-site.
  • Pumps both air and water.

(Available only as rental)


The Eijkelkamp peristaltic pump operates by mechanical peristalsis so the sample only comes into contact with the hose, preserving its integrity. It is possible to add a stainless steel weight at the end of the hose, which allows us to reach a greater depth, avoiding tangles or the buoyancy of the tube.

For its correct operation it is necessary to have a silicone section of about 30-50cm that is inserted inside the head. The head weaves the silicone, generating sufficient suction to pump the fluid.


Fit for silt-laden water Yes
Maximum pumping flow 2.4 L/min
Max depth shows 9 m
Power supply Battery
Product material Stainless steel, teflon
Sample diameter 4 mm
Dimensions (L * W * H) 46 x 26 x 37 cm
Voltage 12 volt
Weight 8.7 kg


  • Installation of monitoring wells.
  • Study of water quality.
  • Monitoring of water quality.
  • Anaerobic sampling.
  • Water sampling.
  • Groundwater sampling.
  • Gas sampling.

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