Passive Skimmer RSS

Passive Skimmer RSS

The passive selective skimmer RSS is specially designed to recover gasoline, fuel from groundwater. No need for air compressor or electricity to operate – Completely offline, this skimmer is very simple to install and maintain, with high recovery efficiency.



  • Available in 2″, 3″ y 4″.
  • The dimensions of the RSS Skimmer range from 1.8 to 3.6m in length.
  • The clamping cable is made of adjustable stainless steel and includes a silver ring.
  • The collection container is made of PVC / polyethylene and has a ventilation tube.
  • The membrane has a length of 250mm. It picks up on contact with fuel.
  • Resistant to immersion in water. Stainless steel base with discharge valve made of brass.
  • It can be emptied on site.

(Available to rent in 2″).


  • The passive RSS skimmer must be installed at the interface between water and product.
  • The membrane must be positioned at the level of the interface; for this, it is helpful to use a biphasic probe for locating and estimating its thickness.
  • The suspension cable must touch the bottom of the tank / well. The “Oleophilic / hydrophobic” membrane allows the product to pass (LNAPL), thus separating it from the water.
  • The product is accumulated in the reserve chamber of the skimmer by gravity.
  • As the tank fills up, the equipment will submerge to where we have installed the cable.
  • Once the tank is full, it must be removed in order to recover the retained product.


  • RSS skimmers can be used for both groundwater monitoring and remediation.
  • They are also used to calculate the product recovery properties of aquifers.
  • They are used from piezometers such as tanks or gas station tanks or industries where product recovery is required.

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