Levelogger 5

Levelogger 5

 The Levelogger 5 records highly accurate groundwater and surface water level and temperature measurements. It combines a pressure sensor, temperature detector, 10-year lithium battery, and datalogger, sealed within a 22 mm x 160 mm (7/8″ x 6.3″) stainless steel housing with a corrosion-resistant coating baked-on using polymerization technology.

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The Levelogger 5 measures absolute pressure using a Hastelloy® pressure sensor, offering high resolution and an accuracy of 0.05% FS. Readings are stable in extreme pressure and temperature conditions. The Hastelloy sensor can withstand 2 times over-pressure without permanent damage. Combined with the durable coating inside and out, the Levelogger 5 has high corrosion and abrasion resistance in harsh environments.

The Levelogger 5 uses a Faraday cage design, which protects against power surges or electrical spikes caused by lightning. Its durable maintenance-free design, high accuracy and stability, make the Levelogger 5 the most reliable instrument for long-term, continuous water level recording.

 Upgraded Features:

  • Increased stability for communication: single-eye optical interface—easier to clean, more scratch resistant
  • Increased memory: 150,000 sets of data
  • Stronger, more robust design: double o-ring seals for increased leakage protection
  • Better thermistor sensitivity: upgraded platinum RTD
  • Superior protection in harsh environments: corrosion and abrasion resistant coating—inside and out
  • Enhanced Levelogger Software: improved Diagnostic Utility for more proactive user “self-tests”

The Levelogger 5 features a smooth, single-eye optical interface, which allows for easy cleaning and more reliable, faster communication. Using a Solinst USB device, including the new Field Reader 5, and Levelogger PC Software, programming and data downloading speeds are 57,600 bps.


Levelogger Setup

Programming Leveloggers is extremely intuitive. Simply connect to a PC using an Optical Reader (Desktop Reader 5 or Field Reader 5) or PC Interface Cable. Use a single screen to fill in your project information and sampling regime. Templates of settings can be saved for easy re-use.

The Levelogger time may be synchronized to the computer clock. There are options for immediate start or future start and stop times. The percentage battery life remaining and the amount of free memory are indicated on the settings screen.

Leveloggers can also be programmed with a sampling regime and start/stop times using the Solinst Levelogger App on your smart device.

Convenient Sampling Options

Leveloggers can be programmed with linear, event-based, or a user-selectable sampling schedule. Linear sampling can be set from 1/8 second to 99 hours.

Event-based sampling can be set to record when the level changes by a selected threshold. Readings are checked at the selected time interval, but only recorded in memory if the condition has been met. A default reading is taken every 24 hours if no “event” occurs.

The Schedule option allows up to 30 schedule items, each with its own sampling rate and duration. For convenience, there is an option to automatically repeat the schedule.

Accurate barometric compensation

Leveloggers measure absolute pressure (water pressure +atmospheric pressure) expressed in feet, meters, centimeters,
psi, kPa, or bar.
The most accurate method of obtaining changes in water level is to compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations using a Barologger 5, avoiding time lag in the compensation.
The Barologger 5 is set above high water level in one location on site. One Barologger can be used to compensate all
Leveloggers in a 30 km (20 mile) radius and/or with every 300 m (1000 ft.) change in elevation.
The Levelogger Software Data Compensation Wizard automatically produces compensated data files using the
synchronized data files from the Barologger and Leveloggers on site.
The Barologger 5 uses pressure algorithms based on air rather than water pressure, giving superior accuracy.

The recorded barometric information can also be very useful to help determine barometric lag and/or barometric efficiency of the monitored aquifer.
The Barologger 5 records atmospheric pressure in psi, kPa, or mbar. When compensating submerged Levelogger 5, Edge, Gold or Junior data, Levelogger Software can recognize the type of Levelogger and compensate using the same units found in the submerged data file (e.g. feet or meters). This makes the Barologger 5 backwards compatible.


  • Aquifer characterization: pumping tests, slug tests, etc.
  • Watershed, drainage basin and recharge monitoring.
  • Stream gauging, lake and reservoir management.
  • Harbour and tidal fluctuation measurement.
  • Wetlands and stormwater run-off monitoring.
  • Water supply and tank level measurement.
  • Mine water and landfill leachate management.
  • Long-term water level monitoring in wells, surface water bodies and seawater environments.


What is the difference between a Levelogger and Barologger?
• Leveloggers record changes in absolute pressure (water column pressure + barometric pressure) with time. The Barologger functions and communicates similarly to the Levelogger, but is used above the water level to record ambient barometric pressure in order to barometrically correct data recorded by the Leveloggers. Typically one Barologger can cover a radius of 30 km (20 miles) and/or every 300 m (1000 ft) elevation change.

How do I select the correct pressure range of Levelogger for my application?
• The choice of pressure range largely depends on the accuracy of the water level required and the desired submergence depth. The selection, however, should be based on the maximum anticipated water level fluctuation.
• Example: The Levelogger 5 M5 is designed for 5 meters or 15 feet submergence and provides a typical water level accuracy of ±3 mm (0.01 ft). This instrument is ideally suited for surface water and shallow groundwater applications, where precise water level measurements are essential.
• If, however, the anticipated water level fluctuation will be greater than the designed range, then the next available range should be chosen for that application.
• Example: 10 meters (30 feet) water level fluctuation is expected. To protect from possible over-ranging, the next available pressure range instrument (Levelogger 5 M20) should be selected.

How do I know that I’m using the most current version of software and firmware?
• The most current Levelogger software and firmware versions are available on the Solinst website Downloads page. You can check from time-to-time to see if you have the most current version, or by registering your software when you download it, you will receive automatic email messages notifying you when new software or firmware becomes available.
• In addition, when using Levelogger Software Version (4.0.1 and up) on a computer with an Internet connection, automatic notifications will be provided when new software and firmware releases are available. Clicking on the notification message will take you right to the software/firmware download page.

Do I have to pay for software and firmware?
• No, all current software and firmware versions are available to download free from the Solinst website. If you register your software when you download it, you will receive automatic notices when new software or firmware has been released.

How do I update the software?
• Download new software versions free from the Solinst website as they become available.
How do I update Levelogger firmware?
• Levelogger software comes equipped with a “Firmware Upgrade Utility”. As new firmware versions become available they can be downloaded free from the Solinst website and uploaded to your Levelogger using the Utility. Ensure the software is the latest version, as it contains the most recent Firmware Upgrade Utility.

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M10, M100, M20, M200, M30, M5

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