Levelogger 5 TLC

Levelogger 5 TLC

The Levelogger® 5 LTC logs water level, temperature, and conductivity. It combines a datalogger, 8-year battery, Hastelloy® pressure sensor, temperature detector, and conductivity sensor within a small waterproof housing, 22 mm x 208 mm (7/8″ x 8.2″). A baked-on coating using polymerization technology protects the body against corrosion, abrasion and high temperatures. The conductivity sensor is a 4-electrode platinum sensor, with autoranging capabilities. The minimal-maintenance, sealed Levelogger 5 LTC is simple to clean and calibrate, even in the field.



Upgraded Features

  • Increased memory: 100,000 sets of data
  • More stable communication: single-eye optical, easy to clean, more scratch resistant
  • Stronger, robust design: double o-ring seals for two times over pressurization rating
  • Better thermistor and conductivity sensitivity: upgraded platinum RTD and conductivity sensor
  • Superior protection in harsh conditions: baked-on coating using polymerization—inside and out


Software Calibration and Data Wizards guide you through conductivity calibration and barometric compensation, ensuring accurate data sets. The Data Wizard also converts conductivity readings to Specific Conductance (@ 25ºC).

Levelogger Software allows you to easily program your preferences, download data, and display data in a graph or table format or export to other programs. Real Time View allows immediate viewing of live water level, conductivity, and temperature readings.

Leveloggers are easy to deploy; install with direct read cables or wireline/cord suspension. The Levelogger 5 LTC is SDI-12 compatible using the Solinst SDI-12 Interface Cable.

Download data in the field using the new Field Reader 5, DataGrabber 5 USB data transfer device, or through Bluetooth® using the Levelogger 5 App Interface and your smart device. Integrate the Levelogger 5 LTC with Solinst Telemetry Systems, which use the latest wireless technologies.

LTC models Full scale (FS) Accuracy Resolution
M5, C80 5 m (16.4 ft.) ± 0.3 cm (0.010 ft.) 0.001% FS
M10, C80 10 m (32.8 ft.) ± 0.5 cm (0.016 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M20, C80 20 m (65.6 ft.) ± 1 cm (0.032 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M30, C80 30 m (98.4 ft.) ± 1.5 cm (0.064 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M100, C80 100 m (328.1 ft.) ± 5 cm (0.164 ft.) 0.0006% FS
M200, C80 200 m (656.2 ft.) ± 10 cm (0.328 ft.) 0.0006% FS


  • Salt water intrusion and soil salination monitoring.
  • Plume remediation monitoring and studies.
  • Leachate monitoring at landfills, mine tailings, waste disposal storage sites, and more.
  • Agricultural and stormwater runoff monitoring.
  • Create a historical database for potable water supply monitoring.
  • Tracer tests.


Calibración del Levelogger LTC

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M10, M100, M20, M200, M30, M5

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