Metrex 4 natural gas leak detection

Metrex 4 natural gas leak detection

The METREX instrument is ATEX rated and designed for pre-localisation, localisation and classification of natural gas leaks in gas distribution networks.



Ideal for emergency technicians or prospectors used to prospecting for gas leaks. Robust design and user-friendly interface. Automatically scales to PPM / LEL / VOL. CH4 range 0-10,000ppm or 0-100% v / v.

  • 50% lighter than legacymodel
  • Simple menu andoperation
  • Easy to read LCDdisplay
  • Adjustablegasthresholds
  • Onboard datalogging
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • Integrated ATEX GPS
  • Compliance reporting with PROSoft
  • Low maintenance and calibration costs
  • IP65 rated


Software developed for the Gas Distribution NetworkOperator(DNO)
PROSoft integrates with the METREX
DNO’s using these instruments can acquire the following data

  • Data linked by time
  • Geographic location
  • Detected gas levels

Visualise Hard Data
Customisable graphical view of leak detection surveys where the recorded data are shown overlaid on Open Street Map views. DNO digital cartographies can easily be overlaid

  • Detailed street views
  • Locations of pipe network
  • GPS points surveyed

Operators can visualise their complete survey and see where leaks occur relative to gas infrastructure and plan.

Realtime Connection and Communication
Data exported into various spatial formats, KMZ, ESRI & .shp

  • Emergency Services
  • Leak detection in natural gas distribution networks
  • Bar hole gas measurement
  • Purging gas lines
  • Enclosed space monitoring

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