Granular Activated Carbon for air treatment MG 2×6

Granular Activated Carbon for air treatment MG 2×6

MG 2×6 activated carbon is a mineral-based granular activated carbon obtained by thermal activation. It has a very high capacity to eliminate volatile organic compounds in gaseous emissions.



MG 2×6 activated carbon is designed to efficiently remove a wide range of airborne pollutants, gaseous and aqueous effluents. They have a low density compared to other types of activated carbon, which represents a significant saving in filter filling processes. It has a rapid absorption of organic compounds due to the high contact surface and large volume of transport pores. The 2×6 MG causes low dust production when handling activated carbon.


  • Elimination of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in gaseous emissions; paints, solvents, varnishes, fuels, HTF vapours, nicotine.
  • Deodorization in general.
  • Treatment of VOCs in industrial processes and remediation.


  • 25 kg bags on pallet strapped and shrink-wrapped
  • Big bags of 500kg or 1000 kg of net weight on pallet, strapped and shrink-wrapped.


Warnings and recommendations on prevention and safety

Avoid inhaling charcoal dust. Wet activated carbon significantly reduces the oxygen concentration in confined spaces. Appropriate safety equipment should be worn when handling activated carbon for filter filling and replacement tasks. For more details do not hesitate to consult our SDS.


If the carbon is to be stored for a long time before use, it must be kept in its packaging, which avoids the contact of the product with air, since this oxidizes it and reduces the adsorption capacity. All the more reason to avoid contact with organic vapours, as these saturate the charcoal. If activated carbon is stored properly, the expiration date is two years from its manufacture.

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