Active carbon air filter

Active carbon air filter

Active carbon filters for gas treatment. Available in various dimensions to suit the project in question.



The filters are made of carbon steel, and also receive an internal and external treatment, by immersion and base primer. Subsequently, it is painted by electrostatic projection of polyester epoxy powder paint.

On the other hand, they have filling and emptying mouths that facilitate cleaning tasks. Possibility of ebonite manufacturing specifically indicated for seawater.

Possibility of adapting the dimensions of the filter according to the needs of the project.


Filtration is produced by the retention of dirt particles in the mantle created by the filter element that it contains throughout the filter bed, throughout its depth.


These filters are used to treat gas effluents from which pollutants are to be extracted through the absorption of activated carbon.


FCA air model 80 200 500
Diameter (mm.) 600 750 1.000
Bed height (mm.) 600 1.100 1.100
Total height (mm.) 1.000 1.500 1.600
CA capacity (kg.) 80 200 500
Flow recom. (m3 / h) 250 500 1.200
Connection 3” 3” 4”

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