Non-ionic, mild and concentrated detergent. Powerful cleaner to remove lime deposits and mineral dirt. Ideal for remodelling operations on very dirty surfaces (pipes, tanks, extractors, etc.). Leaves stainless steel surfaces shiny.



ENVIROdeconit is mainly made up of a mixture of benzene sulphonic acid and ethoxylated alcohol, and acts as a concentrated non-ionic detergent for manual cleaning. Reliable results without interfering with the sample. Ideal for cleaning contaminants on glass, metals, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, rubber, and fiberglass. Excellent replacement for corrosive acids and dangerous solvents. It has a total phosphorus concentration lower than 12 mg / L and a pH of 7.3.


ENVIRODECONIT is supplied in a ready-to-use spray bottle. It is sprayed on the surface to be cleaned, allowed to act for approximately 30 seconds and dried with absorbent material, for example, with disposable paper. Later it is rinsed with clean water.


Ideal for cleaning soil and groundwater sampling material, as well as laboratory equipment, personal protective equipment, sampling devices, catheters, tubes, electronic components, forgings and stamping, industrial parts, pipes, tanks and reactors. Due to its low phosphate concentration, it can be used in phosphate-sensitive analytical equipment. It is also used to remove dirt, silt, grease, oils, particulate matter, chemicals and solvents.


  • Concentrate.
  • Phosphate free, biodegradable and easily disposable.
  • Completely soluble in hard and soft water.
  • Ready to apply directly.
  • No residue rinse provides reliable results without residue interference.


  • 500 ml bottle with spray bottle.
  • Container of 20 L.

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