ENVIROsurf is a concentrated surfactant made up of non-ionic surfactants that give it the ability to efficiently desorb and release different types of contaminants from the subsoil including TPH, BTEX, chlorinated solvents and some heavy metals.



ENVIROsurf is a biodegradable and low toxicity surfactant, with a critical micellar concentration (CMC) of 17.8 mg / L, hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB) of 14 and a pH range of 6.5 -7.5 that when applied in the subsoil, it reduces the surface tension of the water, improving the wetting capacity of the water and its effective permeability in the solid matrix of poorly permeable soils, such as silty sand, silt and clay.


It is used in in situ processes, injecting the soil washing solution into the piezometers or on site in bioremediation projects in bio-piles. Its formulation based on food grade active components means that its application in the subsoil makes it easier for pollutants to be more miscible in the aqueous phase, which allows the mobilization of pollutants adsorbed in the matrix from the unsaturated zone to the saturated zone, increasing the concentration of pollution in the aquatic environment and allowing its elimination through mechanical processes such as pumping and treatment or through in situ treatment using oxidizing agents in chemical oxidation processes (ISCO).


The application of ENVIROsurf is effective in soils and waters in a great variety of pollutants such as:

  • TPH (all hydrocarbons derived from petroleum), as well as light or heavy fuels.
  • Chlorinated: PCE, TCE, Vinyl chloride, etc.
  • Volatile solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethyl acetate, etc …
  • Various pesticides and herbicides.


It is a biodegradable and non-toxic product. No trace of the product persists after its use

  • l Facilitates and improves on-site treatment processes, (e.g. pumping and treatment, biodegradation,
    chemical oxidation / reduction, etc.).
  •  Does not affect downstream water treatment systems (e.g. hydrocarbon separator, activated carbon filters,
    membrane filtration, biological treatments, etc.)
  • Reduces treatment time in processes combined with other technologies (e.g. chemical oxidation /
    reduction, bioremediation, pumping and treatment, etc).
    l Works well on all types of soils (silty sands, silts, silty clays, clays and fractured rocks).


20 L containers, 200L drums or 1000L IBC.

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