DB100 Sound level meter

DB100 Sound level meter

The KIMO DB100 sound level meter is a reliable noise meter, easy to use and compatible with the demands of this type of measurement (from 30 to 130 dB). Available on a rental basis.



The DB 100 Sound Level Meter is reliable and easy to use equipment. DB100 can measure:

  • Sound pressure level (LA).
  • Average time or continuous equivalent sound pressure level (LAeq).


  • The sound pressure level (LA)
  • Used for stable or slightly fluctuating sound sources. The units are dBA, and LAmax and LAmin are registered.
  • Average time continuous equivalent sound pressure level (LAeq)

It is used for fluctuating sound sources.

The Average Time Sound Level Unit (LAeq) is dBA with a programmable integration time in minutes and seconds.

Applications: Measurement of sound level and average.