Autogenie active skimmers

Autogenie active skimmers

Genie® systems use a high-suction pump to draw free product through a floating inlet that tracks changes in liquid level in the well. This system is self-regulating and only needs one air supply point.



The AutoGenie pump’s special high-rebound bladder, driven by air, creates high suction to draw fluids more reliably, even when debris or high viscosities are present.

The 2-inch AutoGenie Air Pump is completely self-contained (it does not need any external control panel to operate).

A Skimmer SPG2 system composed of a float that allows to follow the variations of the water table up to a maximum depth of 45m. With a max recovery flow of 25.2 L / h or 50 L / h).
Float displacement range in 3 distances: 36cm (14”), 61 (24”), 114 cm (45”).


The AutoGenie skimmer has a buoy that floats above the water / oil interface level. This buoy can move freely on an axis (amplitude from 36.61 to 114cm), to follow the variations of the free phase. The SPG inlet float floats on water and sinks in hydrocarbons to keep its inlet ports above the water. Multiple selectable inlet ports allow to adjust the thickness of the floating layer that can be achieved.

Floating hydrocarbons are recovered by gravity and pumped to the surface through a pump located in the upper part of the equipment. The pump discharges fluid when the bladder is pressurized and draws fluid when the pump enters the ventilation cycle and the special bladder rebounds. The bladder prevents the driving air from coming into contact with the pumped fluid.

The skimmer is located at the lower end to aspirate and discharge the recovered product to the surface. A hand-reducer allows to adjust the intake pressure and thus the discharge depth.


This system is extremely flexible for use in a variety of sites that have an air supply point, with skimmers available to recover product ranging from gasoline to oil. Whether it’s spills, leaks or escapes. It is used in industries, even in excavations, port areas, etc.

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