Circular economy. Bailers back


Circular economy. Bailes Back

Envirotecnics has obtained from the Catalonia Waste Agency (CWA) a grant for the development of the demonstration project “Recovery and recycling of single-use samplers” #Bailers Back. Our innovation team is working to promote the circular economy and specifically in the search for solutions to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics used in the control of groundwater.


The use of single-use samplers or bailers is the most common groundwater sampling system in our country with an approximate annual consumption of 72,000 bailers, which represents 10,000 kg of plastic waste. In addition to the peculiarity that bailers are single-use, once used they are potentially contaminated with the chemical compounds present in groundwater and are often not properly managed.

The project

With a duration of 12 months, the project consists of carrying out a technical and economic feasibility study for the recovery of used bailers in order to reuse them or recycle them as raw material. It also includes carrying out a life cycle analysis (LCA) of the manufacturing and marketing process of the bailers, a market analysis and a pilot test that includes the collection of used bailers (take back), washing using different procedures and the verification of the cleaning process in accredited analytical laboratories.

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THANK YOU for participating and collaborating to improve the management of plastic waste and reduce its consumption.

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