Objective, zero accident rate


Objective, zero accident rate

Envirotecnics has received recognition and incentive from the General Directorate of Social Security Organization, for its continuous action in reducing work-related accidents and for carrying out effective actions in the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases, performing the following actions among other legal requirements:

  • Make investments in facilities, processes and equipment for the prevention of occupational risks that can contribute to the elimination or reduction of risks.
  • Not having had infractions regarding the prevention of occupational risks.
  • Surpass basic prevention requirements on a voluntary basis.
  • Carrying out external audits of the preventive system on a voluntary basis.
  • Accreditation of the decrease in the percentage of company workers and work delegations exposed to risks of occupational disease.

We will continue working to offer our clients and our technical team the maximum security in the development of our activity to give continuity to the zero-accident objective.

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