Sediment and Water Sampling

Sediment and Water Sampling

The AMS sediment and water sampling range consists of different elements and kits for sampling gases for different purposes.



This wide range will allow to monitor the conditions of the research or study, with guarantees and efficiency in field work.

We offer advice for each particular case.

See pdf catalogue and operating videos.


The samples can be used for sediment profile descriptions, environmental sampling, and geotechnical analysis. These samplers are used primarily for surface sediment sample recovery, but in deeper samples they can be collected through pre-drilled holes.

Many of our sludge and sediment samplers can be used with or without sample container cylinders (liners). AMS surface and groundwater sampling products allow the collection of liquid samples for the identification of water quality problems and can be used at discrete depths in a variety of media, including, drums, tanks, lakes and other spaces in surface and underground water.

AMS offers a range of solutions that allow the user to recover representative samples of saturated materials. Samplers can be properly filled – even in soft submerged materials – with minimal sample loss. The samplers are tailored to various site requirements, including the volume of water required for accurate sample collection, field parameters investigated, and project-specific variations.


AMS sediment samplers collect relatively undisturbed samples of non-cohesive materials including underwater sediments in shallow lakes, streams, and various types of reservoirs.


  • Variety of connections according to requirements of the type of work.
  • Materials and alloys engineering optimized for better adaptation to projects.
  • Kits designed with the aim of optimizing and facilitating field work.


Kit de muestreo Multietapa de Lodo y sediment - Multi stage Sludge sand Sediment kit.

Kit de Muestreo de fondos - Bottom sampling kit

Draga de fondo - Bottom Dredge 25lb

Muestreador discreto de líquidos - Discrete Liquid Sampler

Draga Ekman c/mango opcional– Ekman Dredge w/optional handle

Draga Ekman c/mensajero – Ekman Dredge with messenger